The way you look at food doesn’t need to be so black and white…

I want to help you define what healthy means to you and live within your definition of healthy.

I’m here to help you heal your relationship to food and your body.

Feeling healthy and happy is not attained through rigidity and restriction. When you free up your mind from obsessing about everything you eat, you can find new ways to connect with the world around you. 

Let’s find what’s realistic, sustainable, and what makes you feel good with your food choices.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

·       Have you ever felt nervous to go on vacation because you’re scared you’ll gain weight?

·       Have you ever eaten before a party because you don’t know what will be served?

·       Do you ever cancel plans because you don’t feel good in your body?

·       Do you ever choose exercise over plans with friends?

·       Do you skip happy hour to avoid calories?

·       Do you have to read the label before you can eat something?